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Our solutions

Our organization offers different housing solutions for brilliant university students of both genders coming from all over the world. We are present in Venice in the ancient Collegio of the Jesuit Fathers in Cannaregio (Campo dei gesuiti) and in Mestre in comfortable apartments.

Whatever the housing choice is, our course of action is marked by the Ignatian pedagogy of discernment, by hospitality, by the education of young people to diversity and by an integral growth in an international and communal context.
During the year the students experience the sharing and meeting of different cultures from various countries. A monthly communal meeting is held with teachers and experts about themes useful to our students’ education during which they have the chance to debate freely on significant current topics and challenges of the future.
Throughout the year there are several convivial and festive occasions, sporting and leisure activities, including a choir.
It is given to all students the possibility to deepen the religious dimension with freedom of conscience and respect of individual opinions.

The students’ parents have the possibility to be hosted in our facility at a discounted price.